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"The Peacekeeper"
Pantheon: Goblin
AoC: Cooperation,
Symbol: White-tipped flail
Home P/L/R: Baator/Avernus/The
Peaceable Lands

Bargrivyek didn't earn the epithet "The Peacekeeper" because he grovels and scrapes and begs for peace with the enemies of goblindom. No, he won his nickname because he tolerates no interclan warfare (at least no more than is good for the sake of the tribes involved). He wants goblins to focus on the dangers from without, to work together to crush the enemies of the race (especially orcs). Bargrivyek wants peace not so much because he enjoys a lack of fighting, but because he wants to see goblins expand ever outward.

He's on excellent terms with Khurgorbaeyag - both stress the unity of goblins at the expense of other races, and they're firm believers in the eventual ascendance of goblins to the rulership of the multiverse. When it comes to other powers, though, Bargrivyek is something of a coward. He does nothing that might infuriate Maglubiyet, and he absolutely fears the wrath Nomag-Gaeya can bring upon his head. He leaps to their commands as quick as he can.

Bargrivyek's realm, the Peaceable Lands, is nothing but a misnomer. Here the deity trains his goblin armies and forces them through brutal calisthenics. Occasionally he leads the mon raids against Draukari (an underground realm of Kobolds fiercely guarded by Kurtulmak, the kobold god), showing that nothing can stand against the might of goblindom.