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"Stormlord, God of Battle, Haelyn’s Champion"
Pantheon: Cerillian
AoC: Storms, conflict, battle, glory
Symbol: Lightning bolt crossed by a sword
Alignment: CG
Worshiper Alignment: NG, CG, CN
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/
Ysgard/ Cuiraécen's Feasthall
Aliases: Cuiraécen (Anuire),Kirche (Brechtür), Khirdai (Khinasi), Kirken (Rjurik)
Know Proxies: Unknown

Cuiraécen (koo-RAY-eh-KEN) is the son of Haelyn and Nesirie. The god of battle is the patron of young warriors, for he is the representation of reckless courage and victory through strength. The church of Cuiraécen is loosely organized, each individual temple is arranged differently and no overall church hierarchy exists. The priests and followers of Cuiraécen spend much of their time engaged in martial pursuits, for such is considered worship to Cuiraécen. They perfect their own combat and tactical abilities and teach others such skills.

Dogma: Cuiraécen fights without fear. Through strength of arm and unflagging courage inspire lesser men to conquer their fears and thus lead them to victory. Success in battle is the truest test of worth. Enter the fray when ere you can, but most assuredly in the defense of those who no one else can or will defend. Never refuse just battle. Act quickly and decisively; indecision is a sure path to ruin.

Cuiraécen's Realm in the first Layer of Ysgard is called Cuiraécen's Feasthall. Cuiraécen’s realm is a gigantic hall that sits atop of a steep sided hill, surrounded by storm clouds. Here great warriors celebrate their success in battle and forever recount the great events of their lives. The hall is home to a continuous feast where warriors may forever enjoy the spoils of the victory. Domains:Chaos, Good, Strength, Storm, War