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"Father of the Forests"
Pantheon: Cerilian
AoC: Forests, hunting,
Symbol: Oak tree
Alignment: N
Home P/L/R: Outlands/Nature's
Aliases: Aeric (Anuire), Erik (Brechtür, Rjurik), Iraikhan (Vosgaard)
Know Proxies: Unknown

Erik (AIR-ick) is the forest lord, the god of nature, protector of the wilderness, and patron of the Rjurik.Erik has few laws; equally, he levies few requirements. His principal concern is the safeguarding of the wilderness so that it can provide for future generations. He demands of his followers that they take only what they need from the bounty of nature. Those who despoil nature for purely personal gain are subject to his vengeance.The majority of Erik's clergy are druids. Erik's druids in the wilds do their best to preserve the wilderness, while his city-dwelling clergy council the people to manage nature's resources wisely. In Rjurik lands, druids act primarily as "village priests" for the rural and wilderness Rjurik. As such, their principle duties revolve around protecting their charges from the more dangerous aspects of their harsh environment. They see to the health of the people, defend them when they must, and help them eke out a living from the wilds. Most druids are trained by their predecessor to eventually replace them and are only dimly aware that the church has a small council of higher-ranking members. Rjurik druids do not distance themselves from those that they tend; they hunt, work, drink, live and love as any other member of their community. Most Rjurik jarls have a priest of Erik as an advisor, and their input is valued on all matters.

Dogma: Protect the wilderness so that it can provide for Erik's people always. Take only that which you need, and use all that you take. For every tree felled, plant two seedlings for the future. Greed for the wealth of others brings no honor. Live in reverent affinity with the elements of nature.

Erik's realm in the Outlands, Nature's Rest, is almost an exact copy of Cerilia, except it is Cerilia as it would have been without any intelligent beings living on it. Food is easy to come by and the worshipers of Erik lucky enough to make it here travel the lands marveling at its natural wonders.