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"Goddess of the night, Sister of Thieves"
Pantheon: Cerillian
AoC: Night, darkness, thieves, deception, independence
Symbol: Black dagger
Alignment: CN
Home P/L/R: Pandemonium/
Pandesmos / City of Eternal Darkness
Aliases: Eloéle (Anuire),Éla (Brechtür), Elyal (Vosgaard)
Know Proxies: Unknown

Eloéle (eh-LOW-eh-lay) is the lady of the night and the mistress of thieves, spies, and others who hide their activities from view. Although she does not avoid violence, she prefers to avoid it except as a last resort. As a religious organization, her church is almost non-existent and does not have any extensive set of rules. Followers of Eloéle are found across Cerilia, but rarely gather in large numbers for any length of time. In most of Cerilia, the church has little more than small shrines hidden from all but a few knowledgeable followers. These followers exercise virtually no control over the religious attitudes of the local population. People who make their livelihoods during the day know little of her; but some do whisper her name in supplication of her protection from outlaws. Rogues and others who hide under their activities under cover of darkness look to her as their patron.

Dogma: Eloéle is the dagger in the dark. Through finesse, this least of weapons can overcome the greatest of foe. Choose the subtle solution to any dilemma. The strongest of enemies can be defeated with a single word, spoken at the right time. Neither vengeance nor victory has any savor if the enemy cannot appreciate their defeat. Violence lacks subtlety and is the resort of the desperate or foolish. Deceit, blackmail, misinformation, innuendo, and silence are the tools of the clever. Wield power through others, for then theirs is the risk, but yours the mastery. Do not be bound by any rules save those of your own choosing and pleasure.

She shares her realm, the City of Eternal Darkness, with Anshar of the Babylonian mythos. Her part of the realm is an endless maze of streets, alleys, and squares filled with taverns, brothels, and gambling halls where her petitioners are allowed to fulfill their every fantasy.