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Pandemonium Layer
Order: First
Realms: Winter's Delight
Towers of Ruin

The first layer of Pandemonium has the largest caverns, with some big enough to hold entire nations. Large or small, most caverns are desolate and abandoned to the winds. Several of Pandesmos's caverns and tunnels possess a feature in common besides the omnipresent wind. Streams of frigid water flow from cavern to cavern, some down the center of the tunnel in midair because the objective gravity exerted by each wall cancels out the others. Many of these streams, but not all, are tributaries of the River Styx.


A group of outsiders known as the Bleak Cabal maintains a citadel in Pandesmos that serves as a way station for travelers. The Madhouse is a sprawling edifice of haphazardly organized buildings divided by several circular stone walls. The citadel is so large it fills an entire cavern, covering every surface. The place is rife with travelers, petitioners, and natives. Available services include lodging and most other services one might expect in i normal city. However, a respectable percentage of the Madhouse's populace is insane, deaf, or both.

Winter's Hall

This region of Pandemonium is snowy and blizzard-ridden. Visibility, even when light can be had, is only a few feet. The snow never rests; the winds constantly whip it up so it coats tunnels and even creatures with a uniform layer of ice. Frost giants and winter wolves prowl the cold waste. These creatures serve a particularly cruel entity called many names but most often venerated as the Trickster.

Pandemonium Layers

Pandesmos . Cocytus . Phlegethon . Agathion