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"Prince of Terror, Lord of Strife"
Pantheon: Cerillian
AoC: Battle, Feuds, Fear
Symbol: Crossed Axes
Alignment: CE
Home P/L/R: Pandemonium/
Cocytus/the Striving
Aliases: Belinik (Anuire, Khinasi, Rjurik, Vosgaard), Alenecht (Brechtür)
Know Proxies: Unknown

Belinik, (bell-in-ICK maintains a realm, known as the Striving, on Cocytus, the second layer of the Windswept Depths of Pandemonium.[3][5] The Striving is a monstrous cavern of squalling winds and blustery snow. Wolves roam its wintry hills, and berserkers cut down those who stumble through the snow-covered paths. The realm of Belinik isn't safe for anyone and treachery is practically a byword.At the center of the Striving is a great wooden palisade that surrounds Belinks longhall, where he and his boyars meet to feast and plan their next wave of terror. Dire wolves sleep by the fire, and a huge snow serpent slithers across the yard, devouring those who don't bear the stench of Belinik.

Belinik's clerics are predominately male and claim spiritual sovereignty over all Vos. In addition to the Vos, Belinik's worshippers include any willing to use murder, torture, and other horrid deeds as a means to an end: the control of others through strength and fear. Belinik's church has unquestioned power among the Vos. His priests do not work alongside others in their community to help it prosper; they plan attacks on their neighbors to take what they have, raiding for slaves, livestock, and booty.

Dogma: Terror is power. Power is for the strong. The weak hide behind paper agreements, seeking compromise over victory. The strong dictate everything and compromise nothing. Destroy or be destroyed; win or die; conquer or perish. Trust no one. Loyalty cannot be earned; it can only be coerced through fear. Answer every insult with blood; when you lose face, you lose power. Any who oppose you must be utterly destroyed; with each demonstration of your mastery you bind more tightly those beneath you.