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"Goddess of the Sun, Lady of Reason"
Pantheon: Cerillian
AoC: Sun, Reason, Magic
Symbol: Setting Sun
Alignment: LN
Worshiper Alignment: LN, LG, LE
Home P/L/R: Mechanus/
The Gleaming Spire / The Gleaming Spire
Aliases: Avanalae (Anuire), Lana (Brechtür), Avani (Khinasi), Vani (Rjurik)
Know Proxies: Unknown

Avani (ah-VON-ee) is goddess of the sun, reason, and magic. Prior to her ascension, she was Basaïa's highest priestess and has replaced her as patroness of the Khinasi people. Avani can be a harsh and relentless goddess, as unforgiving as the sun that beats down on the Khinasi lands, or she can be warm and nurturing, enfolding her people in the glow of her divine radiance. The Khinasi believe that Avani appears to them every day with the rising of the sun. The Lightbringer shines forth her divine radiance, chasing away shadow and that which skulks in darkness. The Lifegiver brings the world alive each day. She is a great and beneficent goddess, and so gives this blessing to the entire world. As a result, for part of each day, she disappears from the lands of the Khinasi so she may bring her gift to the rest of the world. The ignorant among the Khinasi know that Avani will return in the morning to chase away the shadows that lie upon them. The educated realize that she comes back each morning because she set the world spinning so that her divine radiance could shine down upon the entire world. Her regular visits also protect her believers from incursions of the Shadow, for she denies the Shadow a place to build on Aebrynis. Instead, the darkness must hide in the dank places below the surface of the world.

Dogma: Avani is the sun, and she shines her divine radiance upon the world every day, protecting all people from the encroachments of Shadow and darkness. Her light brings food to the tables of her people, for crops need both rain and sun to prosper. Her warmth enfolds her people; she chases away the storms that destroy well-being. She touches her followers with her blessing every day, for each ray of the sun carries her divine benediction.

Avani maintains a realm known as the Gleaming Spire on the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus.[5][6] Avani resides within a palace of clear crystal flame called the Gleaming Spire, which takes up both sides of an entire gear on Mechanus. As befits a realm of the clockwork plane, the light of the Gleaming Spire cycles through daylight and darkness on a precise schedule. Avani's realm is dedicated to quiet contemplation and study, although heated arguments do occasionally break out.