Dwarven Pantheon

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The ripple of stone in the torchlight, the glitter of gold in the sun, the strength of a well-worn axe, and the foam of a good ale - these are the jewels of dwarven life, and their deities see to it that their worshippers get only the best. Long before humans dared the mountains, chant is the dwarves already lived there, mining the tunnels and seeking their gold. Forged from the strength of a dwarven arm and the spark of metal on stone, the race's gods hold a piece of this antiquity within themselves.

Mortal dwarves have always stood for steadfastness, for strength in times of trouble, for unwavering devotion even in the face of overwhelming odds. Is it any wonder, then, that their gods stand for the same? Dwarven powers are a tough lot, pushing their charges to forge a personal path in life. Though the pantheon leans toward law and order, the gods want their worshippers to learn how those ideals apply personally to each member of the race.

The dwarven powers are bloods of fire and metal, spirit and stone. Firm and unyielding, they expect their followers to be the same. Sure, mercy and kindness are important, but not as important as the unwavering commitment to right wrongs and eradicate evil. Though grounded in Mount Celestia, the pantheon is scattered across the planes, from Ysgard to Arcadia, from the Outlands to the Gray Waste. Despite this, their beliefs aren't all that different. Sages put forth that their spread is a representation of the dwarves' spirit of expansion, an indicator of where they're likely to go: everywhere.

The Dwarven Powers

Abbathor Greed
Berronar Truesilver Safety, truth, home, healing
Clangeddin Silverbeard Battle
Dugmaren Brightmantle Scholarship, invention, discovery
Dumathoin Mining, exploration
Moradin Creation, smithing
Muamman Duathal Wanderers, expatriates
Vergadain Wealth, luck, thieves


Laduguer Crafts, magic, protection


Diinkarazan Vengeance
Diirinka Cruelty, magic, knowledge