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"Lawmaker, Lord of Noble War"
Pantheon: Cerilian
AoC: Noble war,
Symbol: Sword and
Alignment: LG
Home P/L/R: Mount Celestia/
Aliases: Haelyn (Anuire, Brechtür, Vosgaard), Halaïa (Khinasi), Holn (Rjurik)
Know Proxies: Unknown

Haelyn (HAY-lynn) is the lord of justice, chivalry and righteous war.In his role as lord of justice, Haelyn is stern, but tempers his judgments with mercy. He represents the rule of law as the means by which a society is run. Each of the sects differs slightly in their beliefs and activities, but all provide spiritual guidance for the people who look to them for inspiration. Superstition holds that if a morning ever comes that the bells of Haelyn's churches are silent, then the day will be without dawn and the world's descent into shadow will begin. All clergy, regardless of rank, spend an hour of each day in labor for the good of the community.

Dogma: See justice done, with both compassion and zeal. It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak and uphold the sacred feudal social order. Make war when justice demands it, but never for an unjust reason. Study warfare and serve in the armies that oppose evil and injustice. To rule or judge is not a privilege, it is a most holy responsibility and the heaviest of burdens, for your acts touch the lives of your subjects. Should lordship fall to you, work diligently to see that you rule fairly and justly. Stand by your oaths to your liege, your subjects, and your neighbors; the word of a ruler is the coin by which nation's earn peac

Honor's Glory is a realm of shining steel and bright ideals, a place of strategists and generals and those who see war as more than a chance to brutalize one's neighbor. As the power of noble war, Haelyn is revered by those who fight honorably for a greater good. Any berks who enter the realm with intentions of treachery and dishonor emit a foul black aura, which no amount of masking can hide. These sods get brought before the tribunal of Anduine in the gleaming central city of Ilnuire.

Sure, other magnificent burgs dot the rolling green hills of Honor's Glory, but of them Ilnuire is the greatest. Farmland and beautiful forest cover the rest of the realm, and the favored of Haelyn maintain castles here, as well. Their white marble walls are beacons of steadfast strength.