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"Goddess of Fire, Beauty, and art"
Pantheon: Cerillian
AoC: Fire,Love, Art
Symbol: Silver harp against a red flame
Alignment: CG
Home P/L/R: Arborea/
Olympus / Songsheight
Aliases: Laerme (Anuire, Brechtür), Leira (Khinasi), Lara (Rjurik), Ayairda (Vosgaard)
Know Proxies: Unknown

Laerme (Lair-ME) is the goddess of warmth and passion. The goddess of art freely rewards or inspires any who seek to create art and beauty. She provides artists, composers, and artisans with the inspiration to transform a work of art into a masterpiece, and provides guiding dreams that help young lovers find bliss. Even those that worship her foes are blessed with her favor. However, she has been known to punish as well as reward. Those who destroy beauty or deny love will suffer from her wrath. Temples to Laerme are rare; churches of Avani and Cuiraécen often have small shrines devoted to Laerme and her priests tend to them itinerantly. Her priests are more likely to be found in artisan shops, music houses, bardic colleges, or as wandering courtiers. Each priest's worship is unique; every work of art, every love in bloom, and every fire lit honors Laerme. All priests of Laerme must practice some form of art, although they need not be skilled; all Laerme requires is that her worshippers give something of themselves to their art.

Dogma: The rational creation of beauty for its own sake is the most spiritual task that a being can undertake; the creation of spiritual beauty is the greatest task of all. Help spark the flames of love, and fan them so that they will burn brightly. Patronize the arts. Create art to enliven and beautify life. Appreciate natural beauty where you find it, and leave it unspoiled for the future. Embrace the fire of life and live each moment to its fullest.

The realm of Laerme is called Songsheight. It is located in the first Layer of Arborea. Songsheight is a large college that contains copies of all books, song, and art. Scholars, painters, sculptors, and other artists roam the ground of the college enjoying the garden of fruit trees and flowerbeds. The sun never fully sets and the inhabitants are forever free to love and work as they desire.