Vedic Pantheon

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In the mysterious East, in the steamy jungles and open plains, the forgotten temples crumble under the weight of vines and lurking creatures, and civilization flourishes in the crowded cities. Here is the Orient, the land of ancient secrets. Three pantheons hold sway - the Chinese, Indian, and Japanese - and they've managed to work their way to a powerful spot in the multiverse, with worshippers spread across hundreds of crystal spheres.
These three pantheons are known as the "Reclusive Pantheons" for their gradual isolation and withdraw from planar politics.

As the powers of one of the most enduring cultures ever to exist across any prime-material worlds, the gods of the Indian pantheon (more commonly called the Vedic pantheon) are quite far along the path of strength and advancement. Their thoughts are a mystery even to powers gifted with empathy and knowledge. Truth is, the Vedic gods have taken so many spheres into their tangled yet lawful web that even the Fraternity of Order's bean-counters have all but given up on trying to understand them.

But here's the most curious facet of the pantheon (at least to those who study such things): Behind the multiplicity of powers lies a force that encompasses all that is, the dreamer of the pantheon from whom all dreams spring - Brahman. In pursuit of knowledge of the spirit, the Vedic faithful turn their quests inward, and try to find the dark of themselves and their place in the multiverse. It's no mistake than the highest heroes of the land are meditative and contemplative, rather than bashers who take action without thought.

Sages believe it's Brahman - the embodiment of everything - that makes sure the pantheon's gods share their power. Thus, if one deity loses a petitioner to another through the cycle of reincarnation, it's no real loss. This sharing baffles the other powers of the planes; they can't understand how any pantheon would sacrifice itself for a greater power (or whatever Brahman truly is).

The Vedic Powers

Agni Fire, messages
Brahman Everything
Brihaspati Wisdom, worship
Indra Weather, battle
Kali Life, death
Karttikeya War, warriors
Lakshmi Fortune
Mitra Friendship, contracts, warmth, light, growth
Puchan Relationships, travellers
Ratri Night, darkness
Rudra Storms, disease
Savitri Life, light
Siva Destruction
Soma Moon, plants, prophecy
Surya Morning, evening
Tvashtri Invention, creation
Ushas Light, dawn, locks, wakefulness
Varuna Cosmic order
Vayu Wind, life, destruction
Vishnu Mercy, light
Yama Judgement of the dead