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"Queen of the Night"
Pantheon: Indian
AoC: Night, darkness
Symbol: Woman's
Home P/L/R: The Gray Waste/
Niflheim/Dark of

Ratri isn't a typical power of the night - she's fickle and chaotic (so what her realm's doing on the Gray Waste is a matter of debate). Just because she believes in darkness doesn't mean she can't appreciate the light, and just because some thieves worship her doesn't mean they all do. Ratri cares nothing for a body's profession, really - it's what he does in the darkness that concerns her. If a beck offends her, she often spotlights him with bright illumination until he's scragged (or until he makes amends to her).

Ratri is rood friends with Ushas (the power of the dawn) and Savitri (the power of the day); it's said that the three of them make up the hours of life. Ratri also maintains cordial relations with Shar and Mask, two Faerûnian deities that dwell on the Gray Waste, but she's by no means allied with them. Chant is Mask wants to learn more of her power, so she keeps him at arm's length.

Unfortunately, Ratri doesn't get along so well with Surya - he's the god of light, she's the power of night. Never the twain shall meet, as the poet said, and nobody really knows if that's the way they want it. Since their portfolios are at opposite ends of the spectrum, a body can only deduce that they have some sort of rivalry.

Ratri's realm is said to be safe from the draining influence of the Waste, but it's nearly impossible for most bashers to find. She moves the land around, keeping it hidden from evil powers who'd like to use it for their own nefarious purposes. Even the petitioners have a hard time finding the realm. Good thing for them it acts like a magnet for their spirits, pulling them right to the goddess (unless, of course, they're waylaid first by a fiend on its way to the Blood War).