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"Teacher of the Gods"
Pantheon: Indian
AoC: Wisdom, worship
Symbol: Quill and scroll
Alignment: LG
Worshiper Alignment: LG
Home P/L/R: Mount Celestia/
Lunia/Nectar of Life
Know Proxies: Chandra Mahatman, Human female

Brihaspati's the power of wisdom and worldly learning in the Vedic pantheon, the one who constantly exhorts the other powers to their divine duties. At the same time, he's also the blood who reminds mortals that the gods require belief in order to survive, that the faithful must keep their pantheon alive. By urging people to concentrate on the rituals of worship, Brihaspati not only plays an important part in keeping the Vedic gods strong, but also helps mortals ascend to a higher consciousness.

His realm, the Nectar of Life, is a place of learning and study, a quiet, contemplative land of mountains, valleys, and orchards. It's said that Brihaspati's servants have written down all the knowledge his followers have accumulated, and keep it in a great library sheltered in the mountains. 'Course, the information's not free; a body can expect to pay up to 100 gold pieces a day for informed lectures on whatever subject he seeks.