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"Light of Blessings"
Pantheon: Indian
AoC: Friendship, contr-
acts, warmth, light,
Symbol: Planet inside sun
Home P/L/R: Mount Celestia/

If Brihaspati pushes all bashers to strive for the mutual good, Mitra's the one who gives them the motivation to do it. He's the twin of Varuna (the deity of cosmic order), and he uses Varuna's purity to cut to the heart of matters and create understanding. It's no wonder, then, that he's become another of the pantheon's powers of the sun - specifically, a helpful god who shines his warmth, nourishing light on friendship and contracts.

Mitra's realm is called Goldfire, and it's located prominently in the second layer of Mount Celestia. The realm, which he shares with his compatriot Surya, is devoted entirely to the sun. Mitra rules from a city called Pashrita, a place of learning and higher education. The burg's full of astrologers and wise men, all of whom spend endless hours debating the meaning of astrological phenomena and how it all ties into the grand maya, the dream of the cosmos.