Japanese Pantheon

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In the mysterious East, in the steamy jungles and open plains, the forgotten temples crumble under the weight of vines and lurking creatures, and civilization flourishes in the crowded cities. Here is the Orient, the land of ancient secrets. Three pantheons hold sway - the Chinese, Indian, and Japanese - and they've managed to work their way to a powerful spot in the multiverse, with worshippers spread across hundreds of crystal spheres.
These three pantheons are known as the "Reclusive Pantheons" for their gradual isolation and withdraw from planar politics.

The worshippers of this pantheon are said to be islanders, civilized folk who nonetheless occasionally indulge in barbarism. They've established dynasties and traditions that put most cultures to shame, and expect other mortals to recognize this. Still, they know how to adapt, and that's precisely why their powers are still on the planes - at least, that's the chant. it could even be that as they mold themselves to the common though, they're also molding the common thought to their own dream. It's the Unity of the Rings - something this pantheon seems to understand well.

The politics and subtleties of the Japanese faithful are incredible. The degree of incline as a body bows his head to another can speak volumes of his true thought, and the range of motion of a gesture can delineate even more. This is a people accustomed to economy. When dealing with outsiders, they've had to learn to be more barbaric, and it sickens them even as it fascinates them.

According to myth, the world was once a viscous mass, a great oily sea rich with potential. A reed emerged and brought forth two powers, one male and one female. The two produced children, who in turn produced more, until the seventh generation saw the birth of Izanagi and Izanami - the founders of the Japanese pantheon.

The Japanese Powers

Amaterasu Light, sun
Ama-Tsu-Mara Smithing, weapons
Amaratsu-Mikaboshi Evil
Hachiman War
Ho Masubi Fire
Inari Rice
Izanagi, Izanami Creation
Kishijoten Luck
Kura Okami Rain, snow
Nai No Kami Earthquakes
O-Kuni-Nushi Medicine, sorcery, land
O-Wata-Tsu-Mi Sea creatures, tides
Raiden Thunder, fletching
Shichifukujin Various happinesses
Shina-Tsu-Hiko Winds
Susanoo Storms
Tsuki-Yomi Time, moon