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"Lightning's Arrow"
Pantheon: Japanese
AoC: Thunder, fletching
Symbol: Black mace with
lightning bolts
Home P/L/R: Carceri/Othrys/The
Palace of Thunder

Raiden, power of fletchers and god of thunder, is one of Susanoo's constant companions. While the god of storms shrieks and destroys, Raiden accompanies him on his mighty thunder-drums, and sends forth random bolts of lightning until Susanoo has exhausted himself.

Raiden's a petty power; if he feels he's not getting the respect he deserves, he does what he can to impel Susanoo into a murderous rage. He encourages strife and war - especially war that slays folks with arrows, for it's said that every time a basher's killed by an arrow, Raiden's larder grows.

His realm on Carceri is a place of exploding lights and thunder, insulated from the rest of the plane by a thick covering of dark clouds. Any basher who vistis the place should also be wary of Raiden's proxy, the tanuki - a fierce and intelligent cross between a canine and a raccoon. The tanuki's a tough, cruel beast, and it likes to use its shape-changing power to lead sods to their doom.