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"Light of Heaven"
Pantheon: Japanese
AoC: Light, sun
Alignment: LG
Worshiper Alignment: LG, NG, LN
Symbol: Sun
Home P/L/R: Mount Celestia/
Know Proxies: None

One of the children of Izanami and Izanagi, Amaterasu is the twin sister of the moon god Tsuki-Yomi. The two sit with their backs to each other, delineating the difference between night and day. Chant is that all the mortal emperors on the Prime Material Plane are somehow descended from her blood, and all of them thus claim the title "Son of Light."

Amaterasu is a fragile goddess, constantly curious, and genuinely concerned about the state of the Prime. Still, having experienced the Outer Planes, she's completely fascinated with them as well. She's opened relations with Apollo and Ra, trying to understand them in the context of her own limited upbringing. Also, the nearby Vedic powers have begun tho pay attention to her.

Her realm on Mount Celestia is known as Radiant Light, a soothing (and occasionally soporific) land where everything is suffused with the soft glow of the sun. Nothing in Radiant Light casts a shadow, and secret dealings always fail - cross-traders be warned.