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"The Great Land Master"
Pantheon: Japanese
AoC: Medicine, sorcery, land
Symbol: None
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Ysgard/

O-Kuni-Nushi is one of Susanoo's children, and he's made a name for himself by championing the rights of animals and spirits across the land. In gratitude, all natural animals have taught O-Kuni-Nushi their secret language, and they all follow the power's commands.

All beasts in his realm are protected, too. The proxy Raiko keeps them safe from poachers and monsters. What's more, any berk who eats meat in Kenyama vomits it back up within minutes of ingestion, and carries the stench of carrion for three days after leaving the realm.

Like Hachiman, O-Kuni-Nushi's a bit too lawful to be tied down to Ysgard. But he is the patron of heroes, after all, and the wild plane's full of 'em. Some folks also say that he stays in Kenyama to keep Hachiman company, and that their combined might prevents the realm from drifting away.

O-Kuni-Nushi is a cunning deity, excellent in most anything he tries, but he prefers to best his opponents with intelligence and words, rather than strength and swords. 'Course, there's a certain part of him that relishes the use of the katana, and if he has no other choice, he happily draws his blade.