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"The Commander"
Pantheon: Japanese
AoC: War
Symbol: Katana
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Ysgard/

Son of the Empress Jingo, Hachiman was born with the name Ojin. Legend has it that his mother swallowed a rock to delay his birth so that she might continue to lead a military expedition against hated enemies. Hardened by this in the womb, Hachiman grew to be able to tolerate any pain, and eventually became one of the greatest warriors in the land. Before long, he drew the gaze of the powers, who elevated him to the status of god of war.

Hachiman's realm is located only a short distance from Asgard, at least as far as planar measurements go. He doesn't have the right alignment for Ysgard, but his demeanor keeps him anchored to the plane - like the Norse pantheon's realm, Kenyama is a harsh ground of constant struggle and preparation. If a warrior can't swing a sword, he's not welcome. Still, Hachiman cares less for mindless hacking and more for the massive sweep of armies, the surgical strikes against a foe's weak spots.

Truth is, the deity can glean the dark of any army's strength, readiness, and location, And word has it that he's studying the Blood War, keeping careful notes of its ebb and flow. Some say he plans to offer his services to the baatezu; others gossip that he wants to know both races of fiends so he can destroy the eventual winner. Through it all, Hachiman remains a firm friend of the dwarf power Clangeddin Silverbeard of Arcadia; the two have studied wars together for centuries.