Clangeddin Silverbeard

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"Father of Battle"
Pantheon: Dwarven
AoC: Battle
Symbol: Two crossed axes
Alignment: LG
Worshiper Alignment: LG
Home P/L/R: Arcadia/Abellio/
Mount Clangeddin
Know Proxies: Thatos Bluespear, Dwarf male; Terrin Axe, dwarf female

Clangeddin, one of the senior deities of the pantheon, is the warlike embodiment of the dwarven spirit. He lives, breathes, and (in a manner of speaking) dies for battle. He doesn't hold with cowardice, poisoning, back-stabbing, or other treachery - cutters who follow Clangeddin Silverbeard pledge to fight the good fight with honor and valor. On the other hand, the power's greatest foes are those who pride themselves on winning battles through dirty tricks or sheer luck.

Clangeddin is one of the few powers who simply won't negotiate. A body's either with him or against him. Still, it's possible to talk him out of pursuing a feud and even to win him over - a berk's just got to learn to speak faster than the deity can swing his axe. And that's very, very fast.

The power's realm is called Mount Clangeddin, a conical mountain rising out of the plains of Abellio (the first layer of Arcadia). But the place is so riddled with passages and traps that it's more like a termite hill. Dwarven einheriar constantly drill the tunnels, awaiting the call to battle. Clangeddin usually sends them to the cubes of Acheron, where they once again do battle with their ancient enemies, the goblins and the orcs. Other times, the petitioners head to the Lower Planes to take part in the clashes of the endless Blood War, their stirring songs and gleaming axes bringing fear and death to the hated fiends.

Interestingly, Mount Clangeddin is open to outsiders, and the dwarves there seem to have a relentless desire to show just how formidable they are. The realm's full of forges, armories, and other such places of business, and all of 'em produce top-notch work.