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"The Black Mother"
Pantheon: Indian
AoC: Life, death
Symbol: Skull
Home P/L/R: Abyss/643/The
Caverns of the Skull

The goddess Kali is quite a contradiction. She's a creator and a destroyer, a builder and a demolisher. She gives birth to children and then eats them, takes a husband and then destroys him. She's a loving and hating mother, a brutal and gentle power who reveals the beauty of life and death even as she takes them apart - literally.

See, in her realm, the Caverns of the Skull, there is no death. Any petitioner who meets his end is reborn soon after, so that he may live to kill again (that's what they do best). The realm itself is a tangle of tunnels that open and close at Kali's whim, a place of black rock and gloomy caves lit by flickering torches that glow ruddily in the dank air. Chants go on day and night, praising Kali as the highest possible form of divinity, and the murmurs resound eerily throughout the tunnels.

It's said that any berk who dares to enter the Caverns of the Skull'd better watch his back. The petitioners kill any creatures they see, offering them to Kali on blood-soaked altars. The proxies are the worst of the lot; they guard the portals out, and no one can leave without first slaying a guardian. Dark whispers say that particularly brutal murders draw the attention of Kali herself, and that, if impressed, she makes the killer into a proxy.