Orcish Pantheon

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The orcish pantheon is one that's been kicked around far more than its fair share. As the head of the group, the greater power Gruumsh must make sure the orcs and their powers are well taken care of, so they survive no matter what. And that's getting harder. See, folks say the orcs have been driven so far that they'll have to make their final stand on Acheron - and Gruumsh is partly to blame. By allowing his lieutenants to squabble among themselves, the pantheon was taken by surprise and forced to leave its territory on Baator (and chant is the orcs'd already fled Gehenna before that). Now, they'll do or die from Nishrek, a realm on the opposite face of the same cube inhabited by the goblin pantheon.

Nishrek's not as orderly as Clangor. Instead, individual orcs jockey for position in the ever-changing leadership of the realm, fighting their way out of the trench-slums dug deep into the iron surface of the cube. Those who make it out of the trenches can then vie for places in the mighty orcish army, which marches out regularly to war with the goblins.

The orcs have at least one thing going for them: the Rule of Threes. First of all, Gruumsh has a clear chain of command. Second, he's not afraid of his lieutenants rising against him. And third, the pantheon knows than Nishrek is its last stand. All three of these factors make the orcs a more effective force than ever.

The Orcish Powers

Bahgtru Strength, combat
Gruumsh War, territory
Ilneval Warfare
Luthic Fertility, medicine, servitude
Shargaas Darkness, thieves
Yurtrus Death, disease