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"The Healer, Great Mother"
Pantheon: Orcish
AoC: Fertility, medicine,
Symbol: Cave entrance rune
Home P/L/R: Acheron/Avalas/

Luthic, the wife (and sometimes servant) of Gruumsh, has only a small following, but her worshippers are faithful enough to feed her plenty of power. She's the one the orcs turn to when they're in need of morale, healing, and children. For a female (a curse in orcish society), she proves herself far more useful than most males'd ever think possible.

Truth is, Luthic is one of the few who can readily bend the ears of both Gruumsh and Bahgtru, and she doesn't shy from using this to her advantage. Chant is she's also secretly communicating with Hecate for help against the goblins, but so far the witch-queen hasn't responded to Luthic's overtures. The Great Mother never gives up, though, and she's determined to get Hecate on the orcs' side soon.