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"The Leg-Breaker"
Pantheon: Orcish
AoC: Strength, combat
Symbol: Broken thigh bone
Home P/L/R: Acheron/Avalas/

Bahgtru, Gruumsh's son, is dumber than any power has the right to be. Chant is most mortals could easily put one over on the basher - but if he ever found out about it, he'd use his awesome strength to crush them into a pulp and beyond. Bahgtru cares for sheer physical prowess and little else.

Still, he's unfailingly loyal to Gruumsh. Fact is, the only powers Bahgtru trusts are Gruumsh and Luthic, and he trusts both of them completely.

The Leg-Breaker is too leatherheaded to have complex rivalries with other powers, though he's looking for a rematch with "peace-loving" Bargrivyek. He's also always wanted to pit his strength against that of Magni, one of Thor's children.