Magni and Modi

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"The Steadfast"
Pantheon: Norse
AoC: Strength (Magni),
courage and
berserk rage (Modi)
Symbol: Mountains, sword
and hammer
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Ysgard/

Magni and Modi are the twin sons of Thor, and they've inherited their father's might and bravery. Magni's strength is so great that he's said he's the only basher in existence besides Thor who can lift Mjolnir. Modi's courage is exceeded by none, and he throws himself into challenges with hardly a second thought. Obviously, with traits like these, it's small wonder the twins quickly gained their portfolios.

Magni rides the horse Gullfaxi ("golden mane"), which he received as a gift after pulling his trapped father out from under a fallen giant. the brothers travel together regularly, and have no hall is Asgard to call their own. Neither do they have proxies; they've got plenty of time and fortitude to deal with problems themselves.