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"Son of Strife"
Pantheon: Orcish
AoC: Warfare
Symbol: Bloodied broad-
Home P/L/R: Acheron/Avalas/

Ilneval is a direct, take-charge kind of power, one who doesn't hesitate to lead troops into battle, as opposed to just watching them fight from behind the front lines. He's Gruumsh's tactician and general, but he's also been waiting for ages for the right moment to seize power from He-who-never-sleeps. Naturally, Gruumsh knows what Ilneval's planning, and thus doesn't act - yet.

On the other hand, Ilneval is absolutely frightened of Bahgtru's brutality, and he avoids Gruumsh's son as much as possible. What's more, Ilneval's said to lust after Luthic, Gruumsh's wife, but he's afraid to act on that as well. For a god of bold warfare, it's amazing that he's so hemmed in by forces he can't influence.