Nakajima Taiki

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Male Human(Aasimar)
Player: Celticman
General Information
Full Name: Nakajima Taiki
Nicknames: Jima
Age: 20
Deity: O-Kuni-Nushi
Occupation: Paladin/Samurai
Faction/Rank: Free League
Place of Birth: Higashi-kōchimachi
Physical Attributes
Height: 4'9"(144.78cm)
Weight: 160lbs.(72.57kg)
Eyes: Dark brown with gold flecks
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fresh scar along his jaw
Physical Build: Mesomorph, well toned muscles
Physical Features:
He is a healer and a farmer but primarily Jima serves as a samurai dedicated to the temples of O-Kuni-Nushi
Equipment and Items
Lamellar style samurai armor, dyed in earth-tones; two swords: a tachi with an emerald pommel and a broken wakizashi


Personality Traits



The Seven Virtues of Bushido

  • Righteousness (義 gi?) Be sure that every action is moral and justifiable.
  • Courage (勇 yū?) Face fear, danger, or adversity without faltering.
  • Compassion (仁 jin?) Put the welfare of the empire, the Army, and your subordinates before your own.
  • Courtesy (禮 rei?) Treat people as they should be treated.
  • Sincerity (誠 makoto?) Do what’s right, legally and morally.
  • Honor (名誉 meiyo?) Live up to all the Bushido virtues.
  • Duty (忠義 chūgi?) Bear true faith and allegiance to the Emperor, the Army, your unit and other samurai.


Place of Birth


The City of Remembrance in the Kochimachu province, was where centuries ago the heroine Hatsu Mitomi spent her last days. The people of the city honored her, and when she returned through Oblivion's Gate she took up residence here.

Where the Oracles Were Born

After the sons and daughters of the Sun and Moon walked Ningen-do the eyes of Tengoku turned to this distant realm, and the mortal who lived there were favored among the Celestial Heavens. What would be known as ??? was filled with the kami, servants of the great Elemental Dragons. The emissary of the Elemental Dragons, Ryoken, came to the mortal realm over the rolling hills that would one day be the Kushira provinces. Five mortals were gathered there and Ryoken told them they had been honored by choosing them to bear a fragment of Elemental Dragon's essence. They would be their eyes in this realm, their immortal Oracles. Their power would be beyond measure, and the Dragons should gain a foothold in this world. Over these hills the City of Remembrance was built and the Temple of the Seven Dragons was filled with the power of the Dragons.

City of Suffering

Higashi-kōchimachi was located north of Kiken na Roka in the lands of the Kushira family. It was known as the City of Suffering before Hatsu Mitomi died, though none would reveal why. A spirit recounted that the city had once been a home to a powerful maho-tsukai, a villain so evil and ruthless only the combined powers of the Jade Champion and the Council of Five could lay him low. Before dying, he cast a terrible spell on the city - one that would allow him to return one day.

History of Higashi-kōchimachi

The governor of the city had always been an Isawa, and this tradition continued even under the reign of the Kushira.


The city was named Remembrance in honor of Hatsu Mitomi, who died there many years ago. With her death, she invoked a powerful curse that punished her former lover Akodo Godaigo and his lieutenant Kitsu Uragiri for betraying her. Kushira Hamanari, having thought that Mitomi might have drawn a small portion of the maho-tsukai's curse, researched on the correlation of Mitomi's curse and the maho-tsukai's spell, but the project failed to connect these two spells.

Despite all this talk of curses, the City of Remembrance was a relatively normal place. It was a bustling metropolis, dealing only in trade with the Shiba and the Crane families. In this city also stood the Shrine of Remembrance.

Great Famine

Bandits took control of the city during the Great Famine in 663. The Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Moriaki failed to recover it, and committed seppuku. The Imperial Legions were dispatched and the order was restored.

Trade Center

It became a major trade center in the Phoenix coast.

Rain of Blood

During the Rain of Blood the city was badly damaged by Yoritomo Kitao and the crew of the Bitter Flower, who rallied the Phoenix who had fallen to the Rain. Together they very nearly destroyed the city. The city was saved only through the actions of Mitomi, who had taken residence there since 1133 after his return through Oblivion's Gate, and the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Mirabu.

From the Ashes

Since the Rain it had been rebuilt by the Phoenix Clan, and many claim that it is the greatest Phoenix city, having risen from the ashes like a phoenix.


  • Aria: Having met the psioniscist recently, I have found her to be a good source of knowledge on Sigil and how its unseen doors function.
  • Nix: I met this strange woman on the island known as Mistwood. She has a foreign way of speaking, though it seems common the more I listen to these "Cagers" as they are called in Sigil.
  • Alec: I met the man known as the "Bleak Pilgrim." He seems to know Aria well, though he acted rather strange in an alley with a hooded woman who had greenish skin. He was also holding a toy chicken while the woman was... screaming.
  • Garrak: He is descended from demon blood from what Aria has told me. His hound "Zugoth" stared at me for some time and I returned it. I could sense a great evil in the beast and Garrak seemed to be amused that I did not run away in terror.
  • Aitou: We met in the market square. She is from Kara-Tur.. a place on a far away realm known as Toril. She always seems on edge near me. I am not sure why.. yet.


"The Great Land Master"
Pantheon: Japanese
AoC: Medicine, sorcery, land
Symbol: None
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Ysgard/
Domains: Magic, earth, healing
Fav. Weapon: Katana

O-Kuni-Nushi is one of Susanoo's children, and he's made a name for himself by championing the rights of animals and spirits across the land. In gratitude, all natural animals have taught O-Kuni-Nushi their secret language, and they all follow the power's commands.

All beasts in his realm are protected, too. The proxy Raiko keeps them safe from poachers and monsters. What's more, any berk who eats meat in Kenyama vomits it back up within minutes of ingestion, and carries the stench of carrion for three days after leaving the realm.

Like Hachiman, O-Kuni-Nushi's a bit too lawful to be tied down to Ysgard. But he is the patron of heroes, after all, and the wild plane's full of 'em. Some folks also say that he stays in Kenyama to keep Hachiman company, and that their combined might prevents the realm from drifting away.

O-Kuni-Nushi is a cunning deity, excellent in most anything he tries, but he prefers to best his opponents with intelligence and words, rather than strength and swords. 'Course, there's a certain part of him that relishes the use of the katana, and if he has no other choice, he happily draws his blade.

Known Goals

Until I can find my way back home I should try to mesh with these people as best I can.

Return Home

I must find some way to return to Higashi-kōchimachi.

Study the Fundamentals of Magic

Find Allies

There must be others who at least have similar beliefs as me. I must be vigilant but remain wary of these strangers.

Known Achievements