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"The Dozen King"
Pantheon: Celtic
AoC: Weather, crops
Symbol: Celtic shield
Home P/L/R: the Outlands/Tir na
Og (Mag Mell)

Also knows as Eochaid Ollathair, the Daghdha leads the Celtic pantheon, improving its standing with every chance he gets. He is largely responsible for the famed neutrality of the pantheon, doing his best to keep peace between his charges and the rest of the multiverse.

As one of the children of Danu, the Daghdha has existed for longer than most gods, and seems to have a better idea of where the pantheon should be headed than anyone would give him credit for. Even his name distances him from the pack - most folks call him "the Daghdha" as a sign of respect for his station.

Sods who just say "Daghdha" are usually those who can't imagine him as a responsible fellow. See, the god likes to play the trickster and the buffoon, and some figure that any berk who likes jokes that much can't be worth a tinker's cuss. But most cutters love him; it's hard not to enjoy someone who's so ireverent.

Thus it is that the Daghdha's most feverent friends are the trickster gods from other pantheons, like Erevan Ilesere of the elves or Garl Glittergold of the gmomes. Likewise, enemies are those who don't have the imagination or the humor to understand his jokes, like Ramman of the Babylonians or Zeus of the Greeks.

The Daghdha's realm, Mag Mell (the Fields of Happiness), is a place where bodies work when they feel like it and play when they don't. The work still gets done in the end, and there's scarcely ever a sharp word. Wood and farmland cover the rolling terrain in a seamless transition from one to the other. At the center of Mag Mell is the Grove of the Daghdha, where the power occasionally manifests and holds court. The Grove als boasts a mystical cauldron from which it's rumored the power can pull forth any object he desires. No other cutter's ever been seen able to use it, though.