Erevan Ilesere

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"The Trickster"
Pantheon: Elven
AoC: Mischief, chance,
Symbol: Nova star with
asymmetrical rays
Alignment: CN
Worshiper Alignment: CN
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/
Know Proxies: Filane Mantrap, Elf Female

Erevan Ilsere is said to be one of the most fun-loving powers in the multiverse, and there's very little indication that it's anything but true. As the pantheon's god of mischief and change, he's revered by elf thieves and tricksters; other elves find him too umpredictable. Still, he's fiercely devoted to the Seldarine, and the other elven powers know they can count on him to come to their aid, should their require it.

Chant is that Erevan's fancies are as fleeting as a desert rain, but the dark is that he's attracted to cutters who make their own luck. He doesn't hold much with those who constantly rely on him and his favors to get by; a berk lazy enough to try that soon learns that Erevan's left him behind. But a body who relies on himself finds that he's often granted a helping hand by the fickle power.

Erevan's part of a group of mischief-makers that includes Garl Glittergold, the Daghdha, and other deities of fun and fortune. He likes to play pranks with them (and on them), and as a result he's made a few enemies among the more serious and sober powers. 'Course, he doesn't much care; he's having a great time.

When Erevan settles down in Arvandor for a rest, he heads for a spot near the Gnarl, a community of elves and ratatosk near a root of Yggdrasil, the World Ash. There' he maintains a sprawling, shifting palace made of wood, stone, crystal, and whatever else suits his mood. The rooms don't rearrange themselves for anyone who's inside, but the next time a body visits, he finds that everything's different.

What's more, the palace holds all of the tricks and traps that's ever confounded or amused the deity. Erevan doesn't mind folks entering his place; fact is, he encourages cutters to test their wits and skills against his home. As long as they don't make any threats against the power, they'll be fine - they're even challenged to try to make off with Erevan's treasures. 'Course, the god likes to dress down his valuables. Something that appears to be priceless may well just be junk, while a dingy, battered object might be the true treasure a body's seeking.

Filane Mantrap is Erevan's roaming representative. She's got the eyes to appraise any object of its value within a few gold pieces, and she loves to discomfit folks by telling them exactly how much they're carrying, how much they're worth, and how much they're likely to be worth.