Garl Glittergold

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"The Joker"
Pantheon: Gnomish
AoC: Protection, humor,
trickery, smithing
Symbol: Gold nugget
Home P/L/R: Bytopia/Dothion/
the Golden Hills

The leader of the pantheon, Garl's a gentle soul, one who values quick thinking and a clear head more than almost anything else. Though physical prowess and spiritual might are important, there's nothing more crucial than keeping it all in perspective. He insists on cooperation among the rest of his pantheon (and among the gnomish people), and he'll do whatever he must to make it happen. Garl spends little time in his hill, Glitterhome, preferring to roam the realm as a watchful protector.

The power's also a mischievous trickster, said to have the largest collection of jokes in the multiverse, and he's always got one appropriate to the situation. He usually carries plenty of props for his illusions and practical jokes; he never knows when they might come in handy. 'Course, he also carries Arumdina, his intelligent battle-axe, and the sight of the gleaming weapon is probably encouraged more than one victim of a joke to laugh it off with good humor rather than get too mad.