Gnomish Pantheon

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Hidden in the burrows of the forest, locked away from prying human eyes and kept from the knowledge of most mortals, dwell the gnomes. They're a small race in stature but large in heart, their minds quick and their imaginations spry. Did the gnomish powers come into being from the good-hearted gnomes? Or, as the gnomes claim, did Garl Glittergold discover a cavern full of wonderful gems that spawned the first members of the race when he polished and breathed upon the precious stones? It's a moot point; both powers and mortals are here now.

The gnomish pantheon, led by Garl Glittergold, exemplifies the traits of curiosity, exploration, and a hearty sense of humor. It's no accident that gnomish mythology begins with Gar discovering his followers while exploring a new cavern, and then, of all things, telling them a joke before turning them loose on the multiverse. That sort of attitude's prevalent throughout the race's legends, and it's one of the things that gains them lifelong allies or eternal enemies. Some bashers appreciate a good joke; others just don't get it.

It's no dark that, with a mindset like that, the gnomes aren't too interested in delving deeply into the mysteries (they call it "foolishness") of philosophy and metaphysics. They concentrate more on the living of life than the investigation of it. 'Course, that's not to say the gnomes aren't curious about what life holds for them. They've got keen, penetrating insight. Fact is, some of them like to study and poke the matter to death, but they're the (tolerated) exceptions. Most just figere their time's better spent on matters other than introspection.

Another hallmark of the gnomish pantheon is that their myths teach that it's better to trick and embarrass a foe than to kill the berk outright - especially if he's bigger. Oh, the gnomish powers have little doubt (in their own minds, at least) that they could take out any sod who tried to give them the laugh, but they'd much rather spring a peel to make him regret he'd ever done it.

That might be why the pantheon's made some enemies among the evil humanoid sects, but they've also earned their share of supporters. That kind of camaraderie is very important to the gnomes; as a race, they prize companionship dearly. Most all of their powers have a constant travelling companion, whether it be a raccoon, an axe, a golem, or whatever. As long as a bod's got a friend to share adventures with, that's the important thing. The gnomish faithful take this lesson close to heart, and it's a rare day that a planewalker sees a solitary gnome.

The gnomish pantheon is also one of the most involved with its worshippers, and that harkens back to the earliest days of creation. It's said that while the gods of other pantheons chose to grant their followers special skills, habitats, and other perks, Garl and his companions chose only the right to interact nearly directly with their believers.

The Gnomish Powers

Baervan Wildwanderer Forests, travel
Baravar Cloakshadow Illusions, deception, protection
Flandal Steelskin Mining, fitness, smithing
Gaerdal Ironhand Vigilance, combat, protection
Garl Glittergold Protection, humor, trickery
Nebelun Inventions, good luck
Segojan Earthcaller Earth, nature
Urdlen Greed, bloodlust

Svirfnebli (Deep Gnomes)

Callarduran Smoothhands Protection, earth, mining