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Bytopia Layer
Order: First
Realms: The Golden Hills

Dothion is the more populated of the two facing planes and is the home of the gnomes. It is a realm of pastoral activity and individual industry. Its rolling hills cluster around spikes of volcanic rock that jut toward to its more savage companion layer. The land is a combination of open, settled manor farms and well-tamed woods and forests. Dothion is a very domestic plane, its petitioners raising silver-wooled sheep and golden-flecked lambs. The open spaces are huge manor fields of wheat, barley, and corn. The residents have dammed many gentle streams, harnessing them to waterwheels that grind the grain into excellent flour and meal. Towns here lack protective walls, but paved roads link them in well-ordered lines. It is a land of barns and beekeeping, of wool and milk, and of small shops and smithies. Most of the workshops that huddle along the roadside are privately owned, and the owners swear no allegiance beyond “the common good.” Dothion's weather tends to be mild, and it has regular, mostly benign seasons. Often a heavy storm from Shurrock breaks through the border between the two layers, wreaking havoc. In general, the layer is an ideal paradise for those who prefer the quiet life.

Bytopia Layers

Dothion . Shurrock