Brigur Hadriel Anduin

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Male Half Monadic Deva, Half Human
Player: vronsky
General Information
Full Name: Brigur Hadriel Anduin
Nicknames: Half-breed, Hadriel
Age: 23
Deity: Haelyn, Cerilian Greater Power of Noble War
Occupation: Paladin-Lord, War Deliverer, Lord of House Anduin
Faction/Rank: Planes-Militant; Watchman
Place of Birth: Excelsior
Physical Attributes
Height: 6'7
Weight: 185-195 lbs
Eyes: Sacred-lit emerald
Hair: Reflective onyx
Complexion: Golden tan
Physical Build: Mount-blooded athlete
Physical Features: Deliverance from Death, Elemental Ease, Protective Aura
Persuade, Sense Motive, Craft: Building, Discipline, Heal, Taunt (Shieldbash), Tumble
Equipment and Items
Trinket: The Wings of Wisdom - a necklace handed down from Marshal Lilian Ero'Myr of the Planes-Militant

Brigur Hadriel Anduin is a Paladin-Lord of House Anduin in Excelsior, ruling from Castle Ilnuiras, an ancient landed picket keep within the borders of the gate-town to Mount Celestia.

A political figure outside of Sigil, the Half-Deva is renowned for declaring The War of Strife and Salvation upon Nullus, a Doomlord, and for leading the reprising strikes on the Alliance of Change: destroying their Marilith General Xul at the Ticking Tree Woods outside Automata.

Recently the Order of the Planes-Militant Watchman has instigated a wheel-wide rallying of allied armies to liberate Curst, leveraging an influence over the Excelsior military.

Brigur is the grandson of venerable Paladin-Lord Boeric Riegon. Son of his daughter, Ghesele, and a Monadic Deva named Hadriphael.

The Riegon dynasty emigrated to Excelsior during the fall of the Anuirean empire, but the family retains their [1]Regency as blood scions of the shattered god [2]Anduiras. Lord Riegon rules from a picket keep above the Gate-Town to Mount Celestia, faithful to the God of Leadership, Haelyn.

Boeric severed his grandson from the family lineage, naming him Anduin rather than Riegon. The impurity represented by an Aasimon bloodline meant a breach of tradition that could not be overlooked.

Now a Paladin-Lord of his own House, Brigur contends with his grandfather's policies and votes on the Excelsior Council. A debate of doctrines and tenets.

A Legacy of Light

Hadriphael the monadic deva was a soldier of Haelyn’s realm on Mercuria and once a marshal of the Planes-Militant. He was known in his life to lead military response to fiendish incursions on the inner planes. The deva is unaccounted for, and has not reformed on the mount, leading many to surmise of his capture or corruption.


A gallant young man with precisely styled night-colored hair and determined eyes of emerald, flecked impure by streaks of hazel. He speaks kindly but with brevity, a dialect empyrean. The health of his flesh and the caliber of his muscles leaves no question: an upper planar bloodline courses within and bolsters him. With its vitality he reaches a height of 6'3 and hides beneath a cloak strong feathered wings, their plumage the golden-cloud pinions of Mercuria skies. The shine of the Mount rests its glow upon him, catching his hair and eyes with a gleam of the Heavens -- a deva.

On the contrast are mortal qualities to the figure: a tendency to restlessly distract with nearby objects, a voice at once seconded by greatness of the Hebdomad and then again obvious in its youthful human character. He wears scrapes and nicks on his thick forearms, the consequences of aspirations in carpentry and planar expedition.

He is a paladin, this assertion being told by the prominence of a holy symbol: the Sword and Sunburst emblazoned upon the fashions of his chest when he is clothed and strung from a cord on his neck when he is not. His wear is a mix of simple plush fabrics and engraved traditional craftsmanship of the Anuirean Empire of prime-world Cerilia.

Lordship: The Rise of House Anduin

After losing his sons and only heirs to the Alliance of Change's attack on Excelsior's Tallest Tower, Lord Bavitim Sobun of House Sobun of Excelsior passed his inheritance to Brigur by ceremony, from his deathbed.

The bloodline of Sobun is magically linked to The Arming Sword; this heirloom bears the House's legacy and Right to Rule.

Notable Relics & Artifacts

The Arming Sword, Regency Blade of House Anduin

The Sepulchral Veil of Avelerine

The Heartblood of Fitzalan at Diemed

Regency of Lords, Greatcape

Thuldanin Greatshield, Tower Shield

Legendary Plate of the God-Tortoise, Platemail

True Scaleband

A Pure Red Ioun Stone

Relationships & Allies

Aesgil Brilliance-of-Dawn

Crispin Shallows



Venyr Valeborn


Lilian Ero'myr

Sir Pelinore

Saphiriel Hephzibah Vajrajvala

Idovias Hearthymn

Lucius Birkask

Cygnus Bizan


Rosaline Astair

Vincent Vale