Rosaline Astair

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Rosaline Astair
Female Human?
Player: Penegal
General Information
Full Name: Rosaline Astair
Nicknames: Rose, Blackbird
Age: Unknown
Deity: Istus
Occupation: Arcane Instructor, Financial Investor/Adviser
Faction/Rank: Fated, Factotum
Place of Birth: Terral - Isles of Siranda
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Jet Black, Ponytail
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Feminine and Athletic
Physical Features:
Spellcraft, Planar Knowledge, Swordplay, General Wizardry
Equipment and Items
Enchanted longsword, magic chainmail, spellbooks, summoning books, magical components


Rosaline's demeanor is sober and disciplined. She typically speaks with a calm and neutral tone, rarely ever raising her voice. Some may take her for being totally dispassionate and aloof given that she doesn't seem to express any intensity of emotion.


She's fair to the point of being too pale, perhaps. It certainly seems unnatural, enhanced by the contrast with her coal-black hair. Her hair is perfectly straight, falling down to her waist, and is often kept up in a ponytail. Long bangs frame her slender face, pushed to either side. Her eyes are a pale hazel color, with slender eyebrows in the slightest arch above them. Many would describe her as lovely in a word, if marred by the infrequency of happy expressions.

Her frame is both athletic and feminine, with visible definition in her arms and legs. Combined with her above-average height, her deep curves make for a strong impression. Rosaline is rarely seen showing off skin or wearing gowns. In fact, she takes more often to wearing her magic chainmail, comprised of fine mithril links and scales. The light and tightly woven mail hugs her form closely like a second skin, with flat-heeled boots and metal-knuckled gloves. It seems flexible and makes no sound. A few small magic pouches dot her belt, as well as a small, belt-bound tome. She has a more traditional robe comprised of black silk and midnight-blue brocade. The garment is outlined with a magical trim bearing prismatic hues that seem to shift slowly. A mantle of black feathers adorns her shoulders with every uniform, along with a Fated badge pinned to her chest and her enchanted long-sword bound to her hip.


There's a fair few rumors surrounding Rosaline. Berks like to gossip, and most aren't too sure what's truth or fiction. Some rumors are wilder than others, so what's it to you?

-Rosaline doesn't laugh.
-She doesn't drink alcohol.
-She was largely taught by a Cambion Spellsword named Garrak.
-Nobody finds out she if has a lover because she eats them first.
-She's inspired by the Witch Queen of Perrenland, Iggwilv.
-She's looking for a copy of the Demonomicon.
-The only thing Rosaline actually loves is her sword.
-The name of the Molydeus she binds is Jeff.