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Female Aberration
Player: Allatum
General Information
Full Name: Sevdi
Nicknames: Sevdi
Age: Unknown
Deity: The Brahman, Sevdi, Sedore
Occupation: Philosopher, healer
Faction/Rank: Society of Sensation, Factotum
Place of Birth: Sedore, Duniya (A city on a prime)
Physical Attributes
Height: 5 feet / 1.5 meters
Weight: 103 lbs / 47 kg
Eyes: Light brown, often glows golden
Hair: Black, waist length hair.
Complexion: Tanned, well cared for
Physical Build: Dainty and waifish
Physical Features: The glowing eyes, mostly.
psionics, medicine, people
Equipment and Items
no personal items of note


Sevdi is both short and slender, coming off as no more imposing than a youth that's stumbled away from some sun-beaten prime world. Her clothing keeps to a skillfully made but primitive stylings that could be found among early cultures, hinting at either a strange fascination of such or an adherence to some tradition. While pleasant in feature, she hardly seems to keep what resembles natural expressions. Her way of speaking in a way that leaves her sounding deadpan and unenthused helps paint her overall demeanor as aloof and bored. Her attentiveness is as eerie as her disinterest may be off-putting, as anything that happens to catch her interest is put under prolonged scrutiny.


Chant is she was in the cage a few turns back, promptly vanished, and returned with an invigorated spirit of exploration. So much so that she managed to ascend to Factotum in the Society of Sensation in less than a year after joining. A very vocal (if a body can stand listening to her painfully tired words) proponent of the Sensorium as a tool of learning and a revealer of truths. She's managed to contribute a number of unusual experiences, ranging from encounters with giant beasts to interviews with interesting personalities.


Chit is some barmy hedonist, finding excuses to meddle in whatever sparks her interests for a turn. Started trade as some investigator, helping with several cases that had the attention of the Sigil's planewalker community. By her own bonebox rattling, she crawled out a dying prime some turns back as a remnant of some priesthood that offered an exodus. If you catch her idle and chatty you might get some addle-cove story about how she was married to a river or some blek. 'Course, a number of sods seem to think she's reliable for actually getting things accomplished, when something gets her focus.

The Dark

Shy of a thousand years passing for the turn's she's seen, Sevdi is a monster with all the potential evil of a human mind divorced from the mundane needs of humanity. Her history started on a young prime of no consequence as a chosen student to master of mystic arts, and was transformed into psionic creature as a retort of praxis against corruptive arcane magics. A story often told in confidance is how she and her kindred set out to guide and protect society from the horrors spawned out of uncontrolled sorcery. Though a keen mind might look past the presentation and see a woman who was part of indoctrinating and subjugating people, the same as any other set of tyrants.