Crispin Shallows

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Crispin Shallows
Male Halfling, Lightfoot
Player: Anonark
General Information
Full Name: Crispin Shallows
Nicknames: Crispy
Age: 26
Deity: Yondalla
Occupation: Farmer / Acolyte
Faction/Rank: Planes-Militant, Lay-Brother
Place of Birth: Troutholme, Green Fields, Venya, Celestia
Physical Attributes
Height: 4'3"
Weight: A barrel of tallcorn (~90 lbs)
Eyes: Sparkling seafoam
Hair: Gold-touched chestnut
Complexion: Glistening Hairless
Physical Build: Lean muscular, long-limbed Hin
Physical Features: Prominent cheeks
General lore, planar knowledge, lyricals
Equipment and Items
Minimal harvest-hue robes / wrappings (combat garb)


This hin can be found spreading good nature throughout the wards, pacing the torus with a twinkle of well-wishing spirit for a body regardless of creed or affiliation. His speech consists of abbreviated sentences made up of joined words, often ending in prepositions. Time in the Hive has impressed itself upon his language, favoring certain native expressions in his everday tongue.

Crispin’s experience training alongside crusaders, sword archons, and other hin monks has imparted a knowledge of resoluteness in the face of despair (Aura of Courage). As a child of Yondalla, he benefits from her watchful protection so long as he acts in accordance to her dogma and the teachings of his largely cloistered upbringing (Divine Grace, Divine Health). He wears a holy symbol cast of pure gold, not on a shield but around his neck, bearing a cornucopia overflowing with abundance. His vocal register spans many octaves, though this is noticed mostly in clashes where his pitch is so pure it both emboldens his comrades and unsettles even the most fortified minds of his foes.'

The Dark on the Shallowses

They say even solars don't know the dark of how mortal families came to reside within the soft hills of Green Fields, and the case is no different for the Shallowses. Renown and fame hold little importance in Mount Celestia's layer of Venya. The deeds which often aid one to these fourth-most heavenly heights are forgotten in favor of virtuous pursuits and the teaching of less self-serving lessons (such as the duty of hospitality). The Keepers recount origins of the Shallows kin, taking root in the village of Troutholme, and tracing back to their patriarch. Danlan Shallows was a pilgrim of Heart's Faith who long sought the path of majestic virtue, and made a life's work of finding a course to the Pearly Heaven. After years of physical and spiritual trials on the mount, Danlan ascended with the guidance of a lantern archon after imparting all of his worldly possessions and learnings to others along the Eightfold Path.The lantern archon would also complete its ascension, rising to Solania to proxy as a hound. Danlan went on to wed and carve hill in what would become Troutholme, then only a sprinkle of hovels around an ancient ash. Many generations of his descendents would harvest bumper-crops of tallcorn and tend the herds of buraq, but what these hin were known best for were their magnificent gardens and fest-time choirsong. Made up in childhood seasons of Crispin and his twelve brothers and sisters, their harmonies would echo off of the many lakes for neighboring villages to enjoy (however fiercely competitive they were in these matters).

From adolescence young Crispin was sent off, following of-age siblings who preceded him, to the Monastery of the Blessed One in Murrashad. He would remain there training in the disciplines of faith, soul, and voice until adulthood. Though many Planes-Militant keeps operated nearby, most hin preferred their own dogmas and practices entreating the worship of meal-time customs, family traditions, and martial exercise. Monks of this abbey specialized in unarmed combat, primarily defensive and tutelage focusing on diffusive non-lethal techniques. Under normal circumstances, the faithful of Yondalla don't leave the heavens, finding a preference for Green Fields' small comforts. Turning from tradition, Crispin's inherent helpfulness and distinct bravery led him to join trumpet archons travelling through the Indigo Tower portal in Nectar of Life leading directly to Sigil. On a task to guide resurrected petitioners back to their mortal bodies, the force of archons and monks were ambushed in the Hive Ward's Gouge Row where some spirits were called to martyr'd oblivion. Eventually succeeding in their intent, Crispin found continuing purpose within the Hive aiding the weak and the downtrodden in service to the Nurturing Matriarch. He would stay in Sigil for many tencycles, and when the time finally came for his return journey, he found the portal closed and his pathway home now that of a pilgrim.

Sacred vows before the Hebdomad, somewhere near Excelsior.