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"The Meddler"
Pantheon: Gnomish
AoC: Inventions, good
Symbol: Bellows and lizard
Home P/L/R: Bytopia/Dothion/
the Golden Hills
(the Workshop)

Nebelun's the schemer and planner of the powers, the patron of tinker gnomes - which is shorthand for saying his schemes are overblown and rarely work. Nonetheless, he delights in invention and experimentation, and a body looking for success in building something new could do worse than to invoke Nebelun's name.

Truth is, the blood started out as a mortal, and won his divine status through his many legendary exploits, such as the time he made a blimp out of the tail he stole from Semuanya, the lizard-man deity. Thus, Nebelun's also beloved of planewalkers brash enough to dare the impossible.

He splits his time between the Workshop (his home in the Golden Hills) and the Olympian forge of Hephaestus, the Greek god of crafts. Really, though, Nebelun wanders as his nature dictates, and as the powers of either pantheon ask. He's irrepressible, and few'd have him any other way.