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"Keeper of
Secrets Under the Mountain"
Pantheon: Dwarven
AoC: Mining, Exploration
Symbol: Gem in mountain
Alignment: N
Worshiper Alignment: N, NG, LN, CN, NE
Home P/L/R: Outlands/Dwarven
Mountain (Deepsh-
aft Hall)
Know Proxies: Chiselhands Renox, Dwarf Male

As the power of mining and exploration, Dumathoin represents the urge of discovery (as opposed to creation) in the dwarven character. He's said to have placed the veins of gold and silver that riddle the mountains of the Prime, leading worthy dwarves to them. It's not entirely clear what makes a basher "worthy," but those who show diligence and resourcefulness tend to find more streaks of ore - and find them more easily than others do.

Obviously, Dumathoin doesn't sit around and keep tabs on every dwarf miner on the Prime, but he does try his best to reward those who exemplify the true spirit of rugged exploration. 'Course, it might just be that such dwarves more native talent or luck, and that's what leads them to the right veins. But who can say for sure what comes from the power's hand?

Dumathoin's realm is called Deepshaft Hall, and it's the third part of the shared Dwarven Mountain. Deepshaft Hall is cold and dark, made almost entirely of hewn tunnels and rough timbers, with a few areas set aside for eating, sleeping, and carousing. ('Course, the best carousing's to be found up in Strongale Hall, Vergadain's domain.) The stale air makes a berk antsy, but that ain't the worst of it. See, the realm's situated right near Ilsensine's Caverns of Thought, so a body travelling through the area'd best watch he doesn't wander down the wrong tunnel and end up as one of Ilsensine's barmy zombies.

No one really knows the true nature between Dumathoin and the illithid deity. It's a fact that the two realms intertwine, so it seems likely that Ilsensine has an interest in the dwarven god's business. But what Dumathoin wants from Ilnesnise (if anything) is anyone's guess.

Outside of his agents in Deepshaft Hall, Dumathoin's favorite proxy is the sly Chiselhand Renox, one of the best miners on any plane. She has the power to detect any precious metals that lie buried within a hundred yards or so, and chant is she knows where all of Dumathoin's secret caches are kept. Whether that's true or not, it sure makes Chiselhands a choice target for Abbathor's wily schemes.