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"The Great Brain"
Pantheon: None
AoC: Mental domination,
Symbol: Glowing brain with
two tentacles
Home P/L/R: Outlands/The
Caverns of Thought

A being of pure energy, Ilsensine is the patron and creator of the illithid race (and, some say, the secret master of the cranium rats as well). Depicted as a huge, green-glowing brain, the power's tentacles extend across the multiverse, feeding information directly to the bloated mass of the god-brain.

Like Gzemnid, Ilsensine dwells in a knotwork or tunnels below the Outlands; their realms often intertwine, making it hard for a berk to figure out where he is. Bloods guess that because Ilsensine is a deity of thought and knowledge, it resides in the Outlands, despite leaning toward law and evil. The same folks say that Gzemnid chooses to weave his realm with the god-brain's, hoping that Ilsensine's greater might will keep them both firmly rooted to the plane.

Whatever the truth, the Caverns of Thought are a dramatic departure from the standard Outlander realm. As a body approaches the center of the maze of passages, waves of thought and psychic force from Ilsensine grow stronger and stronger, twisting those with meak minds into horrifying zombies. The dwarves of the nearby Dwarven Mountain know to keep to their end of the tunnels, though lately some report having been spied upon by zombies that shuffled off and disappeared into the darkness