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Pantheon: Dwarven
AoC: Greed
Alignment: NE
Worshiper Alignments: Any Evil
Symbol: Jewelled dagger
Home P/L/R: The Gray Waste/
Oinos/The Glitterhell
Know Proxies: Oin, Moin

As the god of greed, Abbathor's thought to represent the worst in the dwarven character. Instead of working for the common good, he sacrifices all for his own lust for treasure, not caring whom he bobs or betrays along the way.

What's truly odd is that the other powers of the dwarven pantheon don't hate Abbathor as they do their enemies. He may be everything that the dwarven gods teach their followers to avoid, but he's still a dwarf, and he fights with the pantheon when it's pressed by foes from the outside. Maybe Abbathor can't be trusted with jink of power, but he's still a valuable member of the group.

Some dwarves claim that's why their kind is often considered to be inherently grabby - the gods themselves accept the epitome of greed as one of their own! But there's a vast gulf between acceptance and devotion. Most dwarves shun Abbathor's teachings, hoping to gain their treasure through hard work and good faith.

Abbathor's realm is a deep cavern known as the Glitterhell, and it's one of the few colorful spots in the Gray Waste. It shines like a gleam of burnished gold in its ashen surroundings, drawing travellers and treasure seekers alike. But woe to the sod who doesn't know the way in; the realm has enough false entrances to write him into the dead-book before he knows it.

Inside, the realm's divided into several parts. First off, of course, is Abbathor's Hall, where the god jealously guards his treasures and everything he's accumulated over the millenia. And he's got a bundle. Chant is anyone who brings jink into the Glitterhell draws the immediate attention of Abbathor. Truth is, the power sees every bit of money in his realm as rightfully his, and any fool who holds out deserves to be scragged and punished.

The second part of the realm is the Mines, from which Abbathor's petitioners (some call 'em "slaves") draw forth ore and gems for their deity. The third section is the Village, where the berks all stay when they're not serving the whim of their god.

The tunnels of the Glitterhell extend far back into the rocky hills of Oinos, and its whispered that creatures from the wasting plain outside occasionally sneak into the caves to steal whatever Abbathor hides there.

Unlike some powers, who hoard their abilities and keep no proxies, Abbathor maintains far more than the average. He figures that if he's got plenty of cutters doing his job for him, he can concentrate on acquiring really big treasures. Currently, his favorite agents outside the Glitterhell are the surly twins Oin and Moin Rockchild.

Oin has the power to fade into shadow at will, taking his treasure with him. Moin received the gift of spellcasting making her doubly unique among the dwarves of the cosmos. Both bloods are sly and angry, and they won't hesitate to stab a berk in the back. Fact is, they've developed a system of bobbing folks. See, they act like ordinary dwarves, win the trust of an adventuring party, and then turn stag as soon as the party gets its hands on a pile of jink.