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"The Betrayer, The Father"
Pantheon: Dwarven
AoC: Cruelty, magic,
Symbol: Spiral
Home P/L/R: Pandemonium/
Hidden Betrayal

Diirinka, the brother-betrayer, is often seen as the father of the derro race, twisting his former dwarf followers into the hateful things they are today. Along with his brother Diinkarazan, he practised the cross-trade on Ilsensine, but when the illithid god tumbled to the theft, he abandoned his brother and escaped with some of Ilsensine's magic.

The stolen magic is what empowers Diirinka, and it's the same magic he grants to his savants - his priests and proxies, the leaders of the derro race. Diirinka doesn't give a toss about what the savants teach as long as they revere him and help the derro grow event stronger.

Diirinka's realm is hidden away in the third layer of Pandemonium, said to be a chillingly dark place that drips endlessly with foul water. But no one who's ever seen it has returned to tell the tale.