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"The Mad God"
Pantheon: Dwarven
AoC: Vengeance
Symbol: None
Alignment: NG
Worshiper Alignment: No Worshipers
Home P/L/R: Abyss/586/Prison
of the Mad God

One of the only two derro powers, Diinkarazan's been imprisoned in the Abyss by the illithid power Ilsensine for the alleged crime of attempting to steal the mind flayer's magic. Diinkarazan's brother, Diirinka, escaped - but only by betraying his comrade. Now Diinkarazan alone serves Ilsensine's sentence: he's trapped in the Abyss, totally insane, unable to escape unless a greater power sets him free. To make matters worse, Diinkarazan has a single day of lucidity once ever 50 years, and on this day he creates an avatar and looses it on the Prime, where it destroys entire derro villages. (Diinkarazan feels he was betrayed by his own people.)

His realm consists of a single rocky throne in which the power is trapped, surrounded by rings of flying rocks and tormented by illusions of his greatest fears. As far as anyone knows, Diinkarazan has no proxies and no worshippers.