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Divine Realm
Plane: Arborea
Layer: Olympus
Powers: Sune, Llira, Tymora
Freewheeling and often exotic, Brightwater is an entirely urban realm, a sprawling town that prides itself on taking stupid chances, drinking deep from life's cup, and seizing each day as if it were the last. Reckless, daring, and luckier than three normal towns rolled into one, Brightwater gets away with it more often than not, and is respected for pure courage even when it fails.

Sune, Llira, and Tymora - three powers from the world of Toril - are united by a sense of adventure shared by many of the other pantheons of Arborea. Sune is clearly the eldest and most respected of the three, but though the others defer to her, it's the two younger powers that receive most of the attention. Tymora provided the bulk of the planning and drive to create the realm, and Llira is simply happy to be included.

As relatively young gods, they have more of a sense of adventure and freedom from tradition. Same say they're behind the plague of the bacchae, and that they revel in such worshippers. As long as Brightwater's patron trinity stays young and wild, their realm will remain the wildest and least predictable city in Arborea.

Brightwater's always been a short-term kind of realm, but some of its inhabitants do know what's good - and have the money to get it. As a result, rich, gaudy buildings stand beside shacks, and the streets are crowded with merchants dressed as princes and workers dressed as paupers, and vice versa. Though much of the town's glamour is only glitter, glit, and cantrips, the aura of youth and excitement are real. Brightwater's only 50 years old, and is far enough away from Olympus to avoid entanglement with the Greeks. Most of them consider it an eyesore, but the rest visit often enough.

Quarter of the Great Wheel

The largest and most popular sector is the Quarter of the Great Wheel, Tymora's quarter. Wagers on anything and everything fly fast and furiously; berks wager on where a fly lands, when a bariaur scratches himself, and even whether or not a party of adventurers returns within a specified span of time.

The Quarter of the Great Wheel has broad streets, many fine archways, and large marble blocks at street corners for orators and bettors. Races are held on the Midway, a strip of land surrounding three of the quarter's buildings: a jail, a courthouse where criminals must try to win over their peers to gain pardon, and a place of execution. Trials by fire or other ordeals are also common, with heavy betting on the sidelines. This is the greatest gathering place of adventurers, daredevils, and heroes in the Great Ring, bar none.

Quarter of the Orange Lanterns

The most notorious quarter of Brightwater is the Quarter of the Orange Lanterns, where Llira's worshippers spread joy in a continuous festival. It's quietest during the day, with crowds milling, eating, and enjoying the sun. The atmosphere is perfect for picnics, summer dances, and courtship. At night it blossoms into a loud carnival packed with musicians, drunks, scantily-clad dancers, and beggars - and with those playing the cross-trade. A smart basher watches his purse as well as the scenery.

This's where adventurers spend their hard-won wealth, and even the Sensates come to have a good time. Music endlessly fills the air (how tired bashers sleep is a bit of a mystery). Enormous sums are soon spent on wine, dance, jewels, and song. New participants are constantly arriving, and others must be dragged out, exhausted and smiling.

Heartfire Quarter

The Heartfire Quarter's a much more private place than either of the others, and the smallest of the three sectors. Only the followers of true passion go there, those seeking perfection rather than just a party. Unlike the wild celebrations of life in the Quarter of Orange Lanterns, the Heartfire Quarter is a private place of small rooms and hidden courtyards. Its outer reaches are lined with feasthalls, matchmaker's shops, and inns where young couples meet. Every street is marked with a monument to the triumphs or love, incense and candlelight fill the night air.

Most of the quarter's paths are unexplored, and only the stout-hearted dare its inner precincts; rumors of succubi and incubi infiltration are common but never proven. Many adventurers seem drawn to the core, searching for bliss and serenity after the pleasures of the Quarters of the Great Wheel and Orange Lanterns have dimmed. Despite its devotion to the ideals of love, the quarter isn't without dangers, as crimes of passion are common.

The Heartfire Quarter is known to contain portals to Vanaheim, Olympus, and Arvandor, where Sune's fellow powers Freya, Aphrodite, and Hanali dwell. It's also rumored to be the site of the Evergold, the pool of youth and beauty shared by those goddesses.