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"Lady of Fire"
Pantheon: Norse
AoC: Love, passion,
human fertility
Symbol: Woman-shaped
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Ysgard
/Vanaheim; Ysgard/

Frey's fiery twin sister, Freya, is likewise a member of the Vanir. She shares the water of the Evergold with the other goddesses of beauty, and she doesn't hesitate to use its waters to keep herself attractive and appealing. She is too hugely popular among the mortals.

A body might think that Freya's vanity and dalliances would bring her nothing but condemnation. But the dark of it is that, like any northern woman, she's free to choose her own way. That path may not match the standards set for women by the males, but it surely matches the standards the males set for themselves. Besides, Freya's passions are tempered by her great intelligence.

Still, the goddess is sought after by deity, giant, dwarf, and mortal alike. It seems her beauty and free spirit captivate the male mind, and those who see her can't put their brain-boxes on anything else. Thus, Freya has the friendship of most any male power she encounters (Norse or otherwise).

Her hall is Sussrumnir, near the Folkvang ("Field of Folk") in Vanaheim. The place was a gift from the Aesir on the occasion of her tnade; it's said to be entirely impenetrable unless Freya opens the doors. Inside, Sussrumnir is luxury itself, strewn with furs and silks given to her by powers of far-off pantheons.

Freya's proxies are almost all female. Lhana Tomsdallihr is her current favorite. She's beautiful, of course, with raven hair and shimmering black eyes big enough for a body to drown in. It's said that scarce is the cutter who can resist her charming gaze.