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Pantheon: Norse
AoC: Sunshine, rain,
fertility, horses
Symbol: Ship-shaped cloud
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Ysgard/
Vanaheim; Ysgard/

Frey, a member of the Vanir, was sent to Asgard as a part of the plan to guarantee peace between the Aesir and their cousins. Regardless, Frey's one of the most popular powers of the Norse pantheon. He's a lusty god, one who enjoys life, and his worship naturally requires participation in fertility rites. But he's also a gentle deity, and he inspires loyalty in his followers - he doesn't demand much, and he blesses the people with sunshine and rain alike.

The power maintains two realms. One's in Vanaheim, where he sails his cloud-ship Skidbladnir along the coastline endlessly, losing himself in the sea breeze and sunshine. The other's in Alfheim, where he rules with a kind touch. Both realms welcome Frey's patronage, for he spreads cheer wherever he travels.

What's more, he tries not to engage in political games and feuds common to most gods. He maintains cordial relations with the Daghdha, and is on excellent terms with the Seldarine. Frey particularly enjoys the company of Corellon Larethian, and has made Corellon's enemies his own.

Skirnir is Frey's right-hand man. technically, the blood is an indentured servant, but he'd server Frey even if he didn't owe the god his life. Skirnir's calm and easy in just about everything he does, and the serenity practically radiates from him like an aura; Any basher who gets up close to him starts to feel calmer.