Corellon Larethian

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"The Protector"
Pantheon: Elven
AoC: Magic, music, arts
and crafts, war
Symbol: Crescent moon
Alignment: CG
Worshiper Alignment: NG, CG, CN
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/
Know Proxies: Adarc Brightleaf, Elf male, Transcendent Order; Eimher Flow, Elf Female

The leader of the elven pantheon, Corellon Larethian, is said to have given birth to the entire elven race. He's also the patron of most aesthetic endeavours (including magic and warfare) for a highly artistic people. Add to that the fact that he's the high-up for one of the major demihuman races, and a body'd think that Corellon might be more than a little full of himself - a thought given further proof by the arrogance many elves show to those not of their kind.

It ain't true. For all his might, Corellon is still humble, always open to learning something new, and that makes him even stronger. See, most powers have their heads in the clouds and their hearts on their own interests. Corellon seems to be genuinely fond of picking up new ways of thought and new methods of action; it's even said that he travels Arvandor in disguise to learn from outsiders who visit the realm.

Corellon's allies include the heads of most of the human pantheons. He's got a keen interest in other cultures, and besides, he likes to know what the other powers are up to. But his truest comrades are the high-ups of the other demihumans: Moradin, Yondalla, and the like. Together, they watch and ensure that the deities of human (and monstrous) pantheons don't grow too strong too quickly.

Corellon lives in a magnificent marble tower in the heart of Arvandor. If it was a giantish tower at one time, it's not any longer. The spire rises in and through the trees, with smaller towers spinning off in delightfully patterned confusion. The elven name for it is Gwyllachaightaeryll, meaning "the Many-Splendored" (that's what most folks call it), and the rooms inside are never the same twice - except in the throne room. Works of art created by Corellon and his worshippers hang on walls throughout the tower, all of them stunning in their beauty or their horror.

Within Arvandor's borders, Corellon's head proxy is Adarc Brightleaf, a quick-thinking Cipher who's almost perfected the art of thought without action - which is a lot harder than it seems. Adarc's been granted the gift of foresight, which allows him to instantly evaluate courses of action and act on them or not, as his nature dictates. He's beautiful, intelligent, and one of the kinder bashers in the realm.

Corellon entrusts another proxy, Eimher Flow, with the stowardship of Gwyllachaightaeryll and the surrounding lands while he's away. A close confident of Corellon, Eimher's one of the few mortals who holds discourse with the god himself. She's fiercely devoted to her power, and though she's as subtle as a body can be, she's blunt and forthright when it comes to her service to Corellon. He's granted Eimher the ability to automatically charm anyone in Arvandor - anyone, that is, except the Seldarine themselves.