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"The Hunter"
Pantheon: Norse
AoC: Hunting, archery,
Symbol: Longbow
Home P/L/R: Ysgard/Ysgard/

Uller's one of the Vanir, though some have marked him as the son of Thor and Sif. Regardless of the truth, he's a handsome basher who keeps to himself, preferring the company of hunters to that of his own pantheon. Fact is, he's good friends with the Olypmian Artemis, who feels similarly - they hunt together in silence. Their stalking grounds vary between the tree-strewn hillsides of Olypmus, where they can pursue creatures of legends through the brush, and the wintery plains of Ydalir, Uller's realm in Vanaheim.

Ydalir's set back from the sea, and the land is covered with yew trees, from which the petitioners hew bows and arrows. The silence of the wintry waste is often broken by the twang and hiss of arrows in flight. It's said that Uller sends his petitioners on a quest to Loviatar's Ondtland to earn the right to enchant a bow.

When he's not hunting with Artemis, Uller likes little more than racing through the snow on snowshoes or skis. In Ydalir, his companion is, more often than not, the giantess Skadi, whose love of the hunt and the winter rivals his own. Other powers simply bore Uller, and he has no known proxies.