Tarquin Wezst

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Tarquin Wezst
Male Tiefling
Player: Conker
General Information
Full Name: Tarquin William Quafer Wezst
Nicknames: Tarq, 'Alls'
Age: 27
Deity: None
Occupation: Knight of the Post
Faction/Rank: Free League
Place of Birth: Bottleneck, Oerth
Physical Attributes
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Black
Complexion: Reddish
Physical Build: Wiry
Physical Features: Curled horns, pointed tail.
Stealth, acrobatics, whip mastery, swordsmanship, non-destructive entry.
Equipment and Items
Whip, shortsword, knives, tools and tricks of the trade.

Tarquin Wezst, often simply "Tarq", is a thief and rogue active throughout the planes. Often in pursuit of jink and glory, he frequently finds himself embroiled in plane-spanning escapades. A tiefling and a member of the Free League, his sort is not an uncommon sight.


A wiry, whipcord of a man, often leather-bound and cloaked in black, who moves with a silent, springy step. Black hair bound loosely behind his head is flanked by steel-capped, curled horns. Silver rings pierce his septum and tapered ears. Reddish skin a pointed tail and eyes like amber orbs confirm fiendish heritage.

Though he prefers to employ stealth and guile over open combat, Tarquin is an accomplished fencer, favouring a slim falchion or dirk, and is also capable of using his trademark whip as if it were an extension of his own arm.


The son of the master thief 'Scapegrace' and her late husband, the Paladin William Wezst, Tarquin was raised on the prime world of Oerth in a city known as Bottleneck. Here, his mother owned The Dog in a Doublet, a tavern from which she ran a modest criminal syndicate. This is where he spent the majority of his formative years, being trained as a thief and a spy, working for his mother as a pickpocket and courier, honing his skills as both a thief and a fighter.

As he grew older, Wezst became increasingly inclined to step out in search of his own fortune. By his twenties, he had accrued a small reputation and an extensive criminal record, which came to a head after month-long caper involving Bottleneck's young Baroness led to his capture. It was during his subsequent escape from prison that he discovered a portal to Sigil, and began his exploits across the planes.



Athun Cauter

Having shared many adventures with Athun in the first months of his planar career, Tarquin considers Athun a close friend and a go-to choice for when subtlety alone can't solve his problems. Their friendship, while playfully antagonistic, is seemingly immutable.

Poppy Swiftwolf

Tarquin's old flame and former partner in crime, Poppy was another of his early aquaintances on the planes. After a chance encounter in a cursed tomb brought them together, they became partners and found themselves in and out of all sorts of trouble, a relationship which quickly developed into a short but powerful tryst.


Two names often uttered in the same breath, these two tieflings have a lot in common beyond their heritage. They share a knack for cunning and stealth, and a love of jink and bub, though in differing amounts, and are together associated with many a tale of derring-do.


A lot is said about Tarquin and this dimernesti. All that's true for certain though is that their shared desire for jink and adventure eventually turned into a firey romance. More recent chant suggests that their love affair came to a close after a stint as Sword Coast pirates in a commandeered sloop ended in a bitter argument, exactly what the argument was about, remains unknown.


Tarquin gets a thrill out of having this Mercykiller sniffing about his business. Through neccessity and perhaps even a twisted form of mutual respect, the two share a dysfunctional bond, owed in part to occasionally aligning interests.


If not for this mindnick, Tarquin might not be alive. A powerful psionic, Aria's skills brought him back from the brink on many of his early escapades. Nowadays she uses her knack for stealth to keep him on his toes.

Arca Novem

As one of Arca's first acquaintances in The Cage, it was Tarquin introduced her to the nuances of Sigil's cross-trade and advised her against its many pitfalls. Since then, they have worked together on a number of schemes, and more importantly became close friends.