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Female Tiefling
Player: VildRose
General Information
Full Name: Xin
Nicknames: Don't call me Xinny-poo.
Age: 21
Deity: The great bottle o' bub in the sky.
Occupation: Bubber, Barefoot Sneak, Surprise Surgeon
Faction/Rank: Indep / Leave me alone, berk.
Place of Birth: The Hive
Physical Attributes
Height: 5'6.3
Weight: 108 lbs
Eyes: Green with a golden spark
Hair: Messy
Complexion: Greenish yellow curry dish
Physical Build: Lean
Physical Features: Crooked horns, pointy tail
Stabbing where it hurts, fixing locks that for some reason won't open without a key, lying through her pointy teeth.
Equipment and Items
A mess.


Planetouched, as in 'with a hammer and not being better for it', the lean but not always clean tiefling has a spark in her eye, magnified by a heavy and sloppy eyeliner. She has raggy, unkempt hair and asymmetrical horns sprouting from her forehead, appearing like hammered copper.

On her belt hangs a collection of small tools, daggers, a rapier and several potions ready for picking. Her clothing is otherwise a mish-mash of old and new, stripped pieces from magical garbs held together by crude stitches and straps, in ways allowing for as much free movement as possible. Her feet are always bare and her pointed tail occasionally draws attention to itself with a whiplash.

On her upper arms and left shoulder are tattooed several bands of Abyssal writing and a symbol (Infinity with an arrow down).

She speaks in a husky voice, pronounciations impaired as much by her elongated canines as the thick Hiver accent, and there’s often a strong hint of sarcasm in her tone.

Family History

Xin is 7th generation offspring of tanar’ri, Alu-fiend with a hint of something else (unknown). The taint has mostly manifested on the female side of her family, and usually in the form of a chaotic intelligence, a longer lifespan, high resistance to vile bub and grub, and a sensitivity to bright daylight.

Xin grew up in the Hive of Sigil. It is both a place where berks will shiv each other for a dry slice of bread, as much as form deep bonds for survival. There, family may be nothing, or everything. Xin was raised by her grandmother, her mother falling into an ambush by a rival gang while Xin was a child. Her father is unknown to her and her grandmother refuses to speak about him. Perhaps she doesn’t know who he is. Xin has a very close bond to her grandmother, who put all her heart into teaching Xin how to survive on her own, so she should not fall to the same fate as her mother.

She showed a natural talent as a rogue, earning her jink coney-catching and cleaning kips, as well as doing hired work for various gangs. Over the turns she developed a strong and wide network among all kinds in the Hive.

Her grandmother is a Hiver through and through and would never leave. Xin regularly stays with her in her rediculously over-trapped kip, and their bond is very tight. Xin’s grandmother appears less human than Xin and has a certain pride in their heritage - demonic blood holds power, not necessarily for evil, but certainly for survival. She insists that humans will mistrust and dislike them out of both envy and fear. Xin’s grandmother dabbles in various witchcrafts, and she has taught Xin things both useful and nonsensical, like her belief that devouring the bone-marrow of wise creatures will transfer that wisdom onto you. Thus Xin has been seen gnawing on bones, including those of Archmage Erendius and the Cat Lord, from the Chirper’s museum.

Xin’s great-grandmother on the other hand, practically abandoned her own daughter in the Hive to run off with a Xaos swashbuckler. At the present, Xin’s great-grandmother resides in Limbo with her latest fling, a githzerai. Despite her advanced age she’s still energetic. Xin’s grandmother may not have entirely forgiven her own mother for running off, and talk about her as being eccentric and irresponsible, and often reminds Xin to not become too much like her.


Having grown up around xaositects, slaadi, rogues and coney-catchers, and in no small part due to her blood, Xin is chaotic in nature. If the planar alignments are seen as mystical forces one can channel, this is the one that fuels many of her actions. She may be carried away by this, and trips to Xaos and Limbo will quickly make her abandon all reason. She instinctively opposes all authority, especially in defense of the downtrodden in the Hive, while questions of good vs. evil on a philosophical level rarely affect her decisions.


“Nothing matters but blood”, her grandmother always says. Xin has formed friendships, but in the back of her head is a voice that reminds her she will always risk betrayal because of her heritage. This voice she usually numbs with alcohol.

Being anti-establishment, Xin considers all the thought-guilds frauds, shams and grabs for power. She grew up in an Indep neighbourhood and has a badge somewhere at the bottom of a bag, but belongs in the furthest end of the “leave me alone, berk” section of the faction. She feels a spiritual kinship with Xaos, partly due to alignment, partly as she grew up next to them in the Hive and enjoyed their artistic influence (and non-boring parties). She despises the Fated, whom she considers heartless hypocrites and a plague on the city, and has only mockery for the Harmonium whom she enjoys giving the laugh as they bumble around in their tin cans. Given recent events in the Cage she has lumped the Red Death in with them. The rest of the factions she will tolerate, but generally rolls her eyes at their preachings.

She has a complex relationship with the tanar’ri - while carrying their blood, and feeling some kind of kinship that both terrifies her and brings up a longing for recognition, she also despises them. She considers celestials self-serving and self-important, and rarely recognizes their 'good' element. At least the fiends stand by who they are.