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Among the creatures of the planes, it's not at all uncommon for lowly beings to rise to heights of great power. No doubt they'd stay there longer if it weren't for the fact that the higher a body gets, the more enemies he has. But that doesn't stop every basher in the multiverse from trying to improve, and every once in a while a lucky few claw their way to the top, hold onto power tenaciously, and fight off all comers.

These bloods aren't gods - yet. But they're close. The smell of divinity surrounds them like the stench of a reeking corpse. See, by climbing the heap, they made names for themselves, and are rewarded with praise and worship from those beneath them. 'Course, they have vastly different levels of strength. The toughest animal lords on the Beastlands is still no match for the weakest Abyssal lord. But fame does translate into raw power. The more folks who know a blood's name, the more likely it is that he'll pass into the realms of mythic belief.

Not all near-powers want to become full-fledged gods; they feel they have plenty of strength as it is, and they aren't above interacting with mortals. But all of these beings are dangerous, and the best advice for a planeswalker is to steer well clear.

The Biggest Near-Powers

The Abyssal Lords
The Animal Lords
The Lords of the Nine
The Slaadi Lords
The Lady of Pain